Amanda Bynes
Name Amanda Bynes
Gender Female
Traits Grumpy, Neurotic, Mean Spirited, Party Animal, Insane
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Deceased
Placed Victor

Amanda Bynes was the Victor of the first season of the Sims 3 Hunger Games. She is based on the current Amanda Bynes.

The GamesEdit

At the start of the series she would stay away from the others and workout or use her phone. When Bill Nye won the reward, he and Amanda went on a date, but Bill found another woman and pushed Amanda away. After Buttplu and Justin Bieber died, Amanda would always scream for some odd reason whenever she thought about Buttplu.

During the Mechanical Bull-Riding Challenge, Amanda was the first one to go and got one of the longest times (22.18 seconds), but didn't end up winning. She, alongside Kelly KPopp, did not like Hugh G. Rection and occasionally got into fights with him. Being the classy lady she is, though, she doesn't let Hugh get in her way.

Amanda Bynes was one of the final four in the Hunger Games. She was the last to drown in the second swimming challenge, thus becoming the final death of the first season. Although she died, she was the last to die, making her the winner of season 1.

So far, Amanda Bynes is one of the favorite Victors of the community who watched the Sims 3 Hunger Games, because of the mental crisis the celebrity star was having, during the recording of this Season, and for her comedy aspect, including how she interacted with the other contestants. She was seen as one of the least likely to survive contestants, but ended up taking the cake.


  • Amanda Bynes in real life


  • Kpopp was delighted to see that Amanda won the Hunger Games.
  • There is some controversy as to whether Amanda or Katniss actually won, because while Amanda drowned last, Katniss was the last one to have her soul reaped. In the end it was decided by Kelly that Amanda was, indeed, the winner
  • Due to her Insane trait, Amanda can be seen cackling evilly, scaring Sims, and practicing other strange behaviors.
  • Amanda is the first and so far only Hunger Games winner to be deceased.
  • She will return from the dead to compete against other victors for the title of the Hunger Games sole survivor.

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