KPopp Hunger Games Wiki is about KPopp's Sims 3 Hunger Games series on YouTube. A series that features contestants, who are mainly based on celebrities.

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The Sims 3 Hunger Games

The Games start with eight characters, a mix of celebrities or fictional characters recreated as a Sim. The contestants move into an arena together and go through many challenges.

Some challenges are deadly, and some give a Sim advantages and disadvantages, which can change the outcome of the whole game. You only give them food once in a while too. You can't interfere with a challenge in any way, but may set up challenges and make a Sim do a specific move.

Fun Stuff

Check out our idea sections! Our season ideaschallenge ideasreward and punishment ideascontestant ideas, and slave idea pages are for you to get creative with suggestions for the Sims 3 Hunger Games. There's no guarantee these ideas will be used but it is still fun!

Also check out our fan art section to submit your own fan art, and our fan-made creations section to see what awesome, original arenas and Sims we have available for you to download! You can also submit your own fan creations to The Sims 3 Exchange and tell us about it!

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Who do you want to win in season 5?

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What is your favorite season so far?

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    May be the last last season of the hunger games , ALL the winners from every season join together and do challenge to who is the WINNER WINNER

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