Katniss Everdeen
Katniss Everdeen
Name Katniss Everdeen
Gender Female
Traits Good, Gatherer, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Brave
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 4th
Cause of death Drowning

Katniss Everdeen is one of the Sims in season 1 of The Sims 3 Hunger Games. She is from the movie The Hunger Games.

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

Katniss was the first contestant to be introduced. Kelly commented saying that the Hunger Games wouldn't be the same without her in them. After showing Katniss' traits, KPopp said that Katniss is one of the sims that actually might have a chance of winning the first season.

After introducing all the other contestants, Kelly moved the household into the first ever Sims 3 Hunger Games Arena. Shortly after that, Katniss started chatting with Justin Bieber.

After building the house and explaining the rules, Kelly used Katniss to make the first meal - waffles. Unfortunately, Katniss burned the waffles, to which KPopp replied: "You know, they don't even get to eat and she fucks up the waffles, man...I know you're used to eating squirrel but, girl, you gotta learn how to make waffles." After that, Katniss was seen riding on the mechanical bull, possibly practicing for the upcoming challenge. Shortly after she was seen talking to Justin Bieber again. Together they went to the pool where they spent a significant amount of time just standing next to it, but eventually they went for a swim together (Justin went skinny dipping) with Buttplu and Bill Nye. Katniss had a breath holding contest with Justin and Justin won.

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

Katniss was first seen standing by the pool, the place where we last saw her, as Kelly ended the introduction episode. She immediately went for a swim together with Kelly KPopp, Ron Weasley and Buttplu. She was also seen splashing Kelly (the contestant). After that she gained an athletic skill.

A few hours later, Katniss was seen outside with Ron, when it started to rain. She ran inside to get a plate of the waffles, that she earlier burned. Unfortunately, Ron came before her and took the plate. Kelly noticed how Katniss complained about the plate of food being taken away by Ron and commented: "Oh Katniss, you got screwed bitch! Ahaha! Have fun starving until tomorrow!"

A few moments later, however, KPopp noticed that Katniss, in fact, has eaten one plate already and commented: "Why was Katniss bitching she didn't get any food? This bitch tried to have two plates! She is trying to store the fat." All the while, Katniss was sitting on the couch, watching TV, acting like nothing had happened.

After Bill Nye returned from his night out, Katniss was seen standing outside next to the bedroom window, possibly spying on him and his fairy-friend. As soon as Bill Nye finished, Katniss went into the bedroom and started talking to the fairy. After that, she was once again seen swimming in the pool, improving her athletic skill, practicing for the upcoming death challenge.

In the morning, KPopp used Amanda Bynes to make another meal - waffles again. Kelly didn't even get a chance to separate the 3 meals for everyone but Katniss was already there trying to get as much food as possible. Katniss was soon joined by other hungry contestants, which annoyed Kelly. Fortunately, Kelly was able to set up the 3 meals for the contestants. Katniss wasn't, however, among the three contestants who happily ate their food. However, Katniss did try making her own waffles, but KPopp immediately stopped her, since that was against the rules. Later, she went for a nap on the lounge chair with an empty stomach. After Justin Bieber was released from his punishment, Katniss went to chat with him. Kelly ended the episode afterwards.

Episode 2 - Lots of DEATH! :'( Two Challenges! Edit

Katniss was first seen talking to Bill Nye next to the pool. After that, Katniss went for a nap on the couch. Unfortunately for Katniss, she had to wake up soon, since the first death challenge in Season 1 was about to begin - the Drowning Challenge. Unlike many other contestants, Katniss was among the few who actually stayed in the pool and did what KPopp told her. After the first death occured, Kelly realised she had to let everyone out of the pool, to avoid other unexpected deaths. Katniss immediately hopped out of the pool. After KPopp gave everyone low free will, Katniss was the only one to go into the house, all the other contestants stayed next to the pool and mourned Buttplu.

Kelly decided the remaining contestants deserved a free meal, so she had Bill Nye make the waffles. Katniss was the second contestant to take a plate of waffles, after Bill Nye. However, she was very tired and passed out on the bathroom floor, so Kelly KPopp took her plate. Katniss woke up soon and took another plate of waffles. After that she started talking to Bill Nye, blocking the fridge from Hugh G. Rection at the same time. Katniss was later seen sleeping in the bed.

In the evening, the first regular challenge was about to begin - the Mechanical Bull Challenge. Katniss did not do well on the challenge, in fact, she managed to stay on the bull for 8.08 seconds. That earned her the last spot in the challenge, Ron beating her for about 5 seconds (his total run was 13.20 seconds). Later, she was seen swimming in the pool yet again. After Katniss got out of the pool, Amanda sneaked up on her and scared her. After that, Kelly KPopp approached her and started insulting her. Kelly ended the episode afterwards.

Episode 3 - The Winner's House! Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Kelly noticed a bowl of mac and cheese, that was made by Katniss. However, Katniss was not seen making that food in the previous episode, so it was probably edited out by KPopp. Since this was a reward and punishment episode, Kelly went on further to declare the winner of the reward - Katniss. Katniss earned 3 free meals.

After the reward house was built, Kelly wanted to lock Kelly (the contestant) and Hugh, but Bill Nye managed to sneak past it. Katniss had the same plan, however, she wasn't fast enough. After that Kelly made her mourn Buttplu in hopes of getting rid of the moodlet that made all the contestants cry constantly. Later, she was seen playing with the sprinkler.

Kelly announced the "winner" of the punishment - Amanda Bynes. The punishment was that she couldn't use the bathroom for 2 days. Kelly decided to lock the door only for Amanda, but ended up locking it for everybody else. Unfortunately, Katniss was in the bathroom during that process so she ended being locked inside the bathroom. But KPopp noticed the mistake afterwards and fixed it. However, since she was locked in the bathroom for quite some time, she didn't manage to the get the salad The Slave made. Fortunately for her, she had 3 free snacks, so KPopp gave her ice cream. She went to bed afterwards.

Episode 4 - Fight! Fight! Fight! Edit

Kelly started off the episode with preparations for the Fighting Challenge - the second regular challenge in Season 1. Since the contestants had to fight eachother, Katniss' relationship with everyone became negative. After winning 3 battles, Amanda had to face Katniss. Katniss was still sleeping, so KPopp woke her up. Kelly was rooting for Amanda during the fight. However, even from the start of the fight Katniss was winning. Eventually Amanda gave up and Katniss was victorious. After that, Katniss needed to face Bill Nye. Katniss won that battle as well and ended up being the winner of the challenge. After that, KPopp kicked Kelly and Hugh out of the reward house and gave "the keys" to Katniss.

Later, since Kelly was too lazy to do a death challenge, she decided to do another regular challenge - The Breath Holding Challenge. In the beginning, Katniss was alowed to participate, but she lost to Kelly KPopp immediately. However, she did win one challenge already so she did keep the reward house. Despite having the reward house, Katniss decided to stay in the pool and swim, while the other contestants fought against eachother in the challenge. However, many sims weren't in a good mood and on top of that it started to rain, so KPopp decided to order a pizza for everyone to get the contestants in a good mood. Katniss ran inside as it started to rain. She was seen talking to the maid. When the maid left and the pizza arrived, Katniss went into her reward house.

After that, she came back to the Main House and played on the Mechanical Bull. Later, she decided to put the pizza away to leftovers. Unfortunately the only fridge was in the reward house and not all the contestants managed to eat, so KPopp commented: "Katniss! Wow, strategy! Wow, look at this bitch!" In the end, Amanda Bynes won the Breath Holding Challenge, so Katniss ended up sharing the reward house with her. At the very end of the episode, Katniss was seen sleeping in the reward house.

Episode 5 - The Naked Fairy! Edit

After waking up Katniss went to play with the sprinkler. Since Kelly KPopp won the reward, KPopp's attention was mostly focused on her, so not much of Katniss and the other contestants was seen in this episode. However, KPopp did occasionally check up on the household, so that's when we could see Katniss doing the basic stuff - taking care of her needs. When the fairy, that Kelly brought from the park, decided to skinny dip, Katniss was seen crying at the sight of that. Kelly made a joke and said: "Ahahaha, it looked like they all cried at the sight of his penis! Katniss has never seen a man naked. Leave her alone!" Katniss was later seen in the reward house, talking to The Slave. At the end of the episode, Katniss attempted to take the bed in the Main House, despite the fact that she had at least 2 free beds in her reward house.

Episode 6 - Death by JELLY BEAN! Edit

Katniss was first seen using the bathroom in the Main House, even though she had a much better bathroom in the reward house. All of the contestants were summoned into the garden for the new death challenge - The Jelly Bean Challenge. The death challenge officially began and Katniss started eating the jelly beans from the plant. When Bill died, KPopp was supposed to cancel everyone's actions, so no one would die, but she didn't and the contestants continued eating the jelly beans, among them - Katniss. Fortunately, no one else died and Katniss survived this challenge as well. The jelly beans left an impact on the contestants though and Kelly made a joke saying: "Bill in the Smurfs, and jaundice Katniss, and of course just slutty KPopp!" (Bill died, Amanda and Ron were blue - smurfs, Katniss was yellow, and Kelly was normal).

Later, KPopp set up the next regular challenge - The Chess Challenge. She told every sim to go to the chess tables, but Katniss was the only one that listened, probably because she was in a good mood. But, in fact, the reason why all the other contestants didn't move is because they were mourning Bill, so KPopp made a comment: "Katniss doesn't really seem to care that much, she's down for chess, she's like: 'Bill died? Who cares? I'm one step closer to victory! The odds are in my favor, bitch!' Ahaha!"

It is true, however, that Katniss wasn't mourning other contestants either. She did do it at some point, but the other alive contestants were doing it all the time, whereas she was always taking care of her needs or swimming in the pool.

Kelly expressed her feelings about how she is very happy about the contestants being alive, pointing out that they are her favorites. After that, Kelly fixed everyone's needs and made them play chess against eachother. While all the other contestants were playing chess or practicing, Katniss was standing next to the gravestones, rubbing her elbows and checking out her muscles. Kelly commented saying that she is acting a little bit cocky because of all the challenges she has won so far. Eventually, Katniss did play chess against Ron and won. After that she faced Amanda. Unfortunately, Katniss lost against Amanda, so Amanda kept the reward house, whereas Katniss was kicked out. This was also the episode where KPopp fixed everyone's relationships, since she had to make them hate eachother during The Fighting Challenge.

Later, when The Slave made one plate of salad, Katniss tried to get it, but she was beaten by Ron again, just like in the first episode. But Katniss still had 2 free snacks, so KPopp gave her brain freeze a la mode. Kelly ended the episode afterwards.

Episode 7 - Amanda & Katniss r LOVERS!?! Edit

This episode was a reward and punishment episode, so KPopp announced the winners immediately. Katniss ended up getting the reward and punishment. Her reward was woohoo with The Slave and the punishment was woohoo with Amanda. Katniss was in the bathroom when Amanda approached her. Kelly made a joke and said: "Oh, they're already ready. Amanda Bynes is like: 'Hey, did you hear, we're gonna get to woohoo'."

KPopp made two rooms to begin with. The first room was nice and open, it had nice lighting, a beautiful bed with a heart shaped rug. The room also had a hot tub and a buffet table. The room was meant for Katniss' reward. The other room only had a bed and it was much darker. Kelly added some poisonous apples as well. That room was meant for Katniss' punishment.

After that, KPopp deleted Katniss' "Mourning" moodlet. Then she sent her to her reward room, where she noticed Katniss' low energy. After that, she allowed her to sleep, since it was her reward. After The Slave entered the room, he went skinny dipping right in front of sleeping Katniss. When Katniss got a decent amount of energy, KPopp woke her up, made her eat and had The Slave invite her to cuddle. KPopp briefly checked their relationship and discovered they were already friends. They probably became friends when Katniss had the reward house. While Katniss and The Slave were cuddling, KPopp commented saying that Katniss deserves a love story in these Hunger Games because of all the hard work she has put in, stealing food from other contestants and doing well in many challenges. She added that The Slave looks decently enough like Peeta anyways. She made them kiss. KPopp thought The Slave was still naked and made a joke saying: "You know, The Slave is naked under there. Who knows what dirty things are going on underneath the water!"

KPopp first considered making them try for baby, but realised it would give Katniss an unfair advantage. She decided they should just woohoo. When Katniss attempted to woohoo with The Slave, he rejected her, so KPopp made them make out. However, they were doing it for a really long time, so KPopp added: "Oh, they're going way too hard in that!". After that, she made The Slave attempt the woohoo, but Katniss rejected him, as Kelly predicted. She had them boost their relationship outside the hot tub and then made them skinny dip in an attemp to have them both naked. However, neither Katniss nor The Slave wanted to be naked in the hot tub together and kept exiting it. At one point Katniss exited the hot tub right next to The Slave creating a minor glitch, to which Kelly commented: "Don't rub your boobs on his back, Kat!".

Kelly got annoyed pretty fast and decided they should woohoo on the bed to speed up the process. They eventually did it and Katniss completed her reward. Her bladder was low though, so she had to exit the bed immediately. Kelly noticed she didn't add a toilet so she did it. Katniss went on to use the toilet and The Slave quickly got out of the bed too, so Kelly made a joke and said: "Now he gets to watch her poop.". She let Katniss eat one more time, before she was to be sent to the punishment room, so she gave her cookies. Katniss went skinny dipping afterwards, but was interrupted by KPopp when she sent her to the punishment room.

Amanda was already there when Katniss arrived. They started pillow fighting and Kelly made a joke saying: "They're gonna start pillow fighting. Wow, this is already turning into an odd lesbian porno!". Kelly made them do a few more interractions to boost up their relationship, since they were only acquintances. Kelly edited out the long process and Katniss was seen relaxing on the bed with Amanda joining her. They were good friends, but were not romantically involved. When Amanda joined Katniss, Katniss immediately stood up, to which Kelly replied: "Oh God, when Amanda Bynes makes the moves on you! Exactly Katniss, you run, you run for your life!". She made Katniss eat one poison apple so this would resemble a punishment. After that, she made Amanda kiss Katniss. Kelly noticed a weird interraction called "Catch anything" and made a joke: "Catch anything? What? Catch anything from you? Oh Geez, poor Katniss. She's about to get chlamydia or some such thing!". Afterwards, Kelly made them make out. A message soon popped up saying that Katniss had a naughty reputation. Finally, Amanda and Katniss woohooed, so Kelly let Amanda out to enjoy her reward house. She decided to delete the bed in the punishment room and make Katniss stay in the room for 6 hours.

After 6 hours, Katniss peed herself and ate a bunch of poisoned apples. When she was finally released, she went napping on the couch. KPopp ended the episode afterwards.

Episode 8 - HOTDOG Eating Champion!!! Edit

After waking up from her nap, Katniss was seen next to the statue in front of the house, showing disgust towards Justin Bieber's ghost. Later in the morning, she was seen playing with the sprinkler yet again, to which Kelly commented saying: "Not sure what's with Katniss and the sprinkler but she's constantly playing with the sprinkler. Constantly! And shaking her ass apparently! She's like: 'I've got this Hunger Games now for fun!'."

Since it was a challenge episode, KPopp has sent everyone to the park for the next regular challenge - The Food Eating Challenge. Before the challenge started though, Amanda decided to accuse Katniss for cheating for some reason, probably because of all the rumors of her sleeping with The Slave and Amanda. Later, Amanda, Ron and Kelly entered the contest and KPopp thought there's no space for Katniss, but it was later revealed that a townie was blocking the spot for Katniss. After Kelly deleted the townie, the challenge started. The contestants immediately went down to eat their pies in hopes of winning the reward house and the challenge. Kelly made a joke about Katniss' eating and said: "Oh man, Katniss is choking! She is choking!". In the end, Katniss was placed last along with Kelly KPopp, meaning that she didn't win the challenge.

Since Amanda won the challenge, Kelly embraced how Katniss must be getting worried now that she is getting an actual opponent in the Games. Later that day, Katniss and Amanda both went for a friendly apple bobbing contest and Katniss won. Unfortunately, the contest didn't count for anything, as the actual challenge was the pie eating challenge not the apple bobbing contest, so Katniss hasn't won anything. She was later seen chatting with Ron and Amanda, possibly gossiping about Kelly. After that, KPopp sent everyone to a haunted house. While all the other contestants had dramatic reactions, Katniss walked out of the house casually, to which KPopp replied: "Katniss gave no fucks! She's like: 'I've seen some shit man, I've been a part of a few Hunger Games!'".

After that, Katniss went into the haunted house two more times. Eventually, she lost interest and went rocking on a rocking chair. Kelly ended the episode afterwards.


In the beginning of the episode, Katniss was seen gossiping with Amanda. When Amanda went to bed, Katniss decided to play with the sprinkler.

Although this was initially supposed to be a reward and punishment episode, KPopp also decided she would have a death challenge, since no one died in a while. That's why Kelly made The Slave a technophobe so he could sabotage a few televisions, so that the contestants would repair them. After setting up the challenge, KPopp summoned all the contestants into a newly-built room. Katniss was seen throwing up in front of it, probably because of a poisonous apple. Eventually, the contestants started repairing the TV's, however, none of them got electrocuted and all of them repaired the TV's. That's why Kelly moved a few of the TV's outside, so that the contestants could repair them in the rain. However, that didn't work either and the challenge was a fail.

Kelly went for plan B and went for the Drowning Challenge again. All the contestants, including Katniss, were inside the pool, waiting for death. They were there for hours. Eventually, because her energy bar went red, Katniss started drowning and eventually died. Ron died just seconds after.

Katniss was later seen in her ghost form being reaped by the Grim Reaper. As the Grim Reaper sent Katniss to the underworld, it was the last time she appeared in The Sims 3 Hunger Games Challenge.

Placement Edit

Katniss was one of the final four in the Hunger Games. She was the first to drown in the second swimming challenge, however her ghost was the last one reaped.

This leads some people to believe that SHE actually won the Hunger Games instead of Amanda Bynes , who was the last to drown. On official record however, since Amanda Bynes won, Katniss takes fourth place in Season 1, drowning seconds before Ron.

Relationships Edit

This shows all relationship statuses that Katniss Everdeen had with the contestants and the slave. Some notable reminders:

  • Her relationship status with everyone started out as acquaintances.
  • In episode 4, Katniss' relationship with all the remaining contestants became negative due to the Fighting Challenge, which lasted up to episode 6, when the relationship status was switched back to acquaintances again.
  • Katniss didn't make any enemies by herself, nor did she argue with anyone much. She was mostly friendly to everyone.

Amanda Bynes Edit

Katniss and Amanda didn't have a special relationship up until episode 7. Katniss had to woohoo with Amanda for her punishment. In that episode, they became romantically involved and woohooed.

However, in episode 8, Amanda Bynes accused Katniss of cheating (which she kind of did), which lowered their relationship quite a bit. They still remained eachother's romantic interests, though.

It is, however, interesting that in episode 2 Amanda decided to scare Katniss, which was a negative interraction. That was one of the few interracions between them before episode 7.

Kelly KPopp Edit

One of the few interractions Katniss and Kelly had were in episode 2 when Kelly decided, out of nowhere, to insult Katniss. However, that didn't make their relationship go into the "red".

As it was said earlier, Katniss' relationship with everyone before episode 4 was in the "green". However it is also important to point out that Kelly and Katniss were nowhere near to being friends.

Ronald Weasley Edit

Katniss and Ron mostly had positive interractions. In episode 4, when KPopp was messing with everyone's relationship, it was revealed that Katniss had a pretty high relationship with Ron. They never became friends, though. Throughout the games they were mostly seen in the pool together.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Edit

Bill and Katniss were in good relations until he died. She was seen chatting with him in episode 2. She was also seen swimming in the pool with him in episode 1 and in other episodes occasionally. They were really close to becoming friends but never managed to.

Hugh G. Rection Edit

Katniss hasn't communicated with Hugh much. Her relationship with him was actually quite low in comparison with the relationship of her and Bill and of her and Ron.

Buttplu Buttplu Edit

Katniss was never seen talking to Buttplu in any video. She was only seen swimming in the pool with him in the introduction episode and episode 1. Buttplu died shortly afterwards.

Justin Bieber Edit

From the very beginning Katniss was talking to Justin Bieber. He might've been her only interest in the series before he died. It is known that they never became friends, but they most definitely would've if he hadn't died. While Justin Bieber was in his punishment, Katniss almost didn't talk to anyone, then as soon as he was released she went on to chat with him. She never mourned his death though.

It is also interesting that in episode 8 she showed disgust towards his ghost, which was odd because of all the time she spent with him while he was alive.

The Slave Edit

Katniss has a rich history with The Slave. They started their relationship when Katniss won the reward house. They were seen in episode 5 chatting on the couch.

Then, in episode 7, it was revealed that Katniss and The Slave were friends, probably because they spent a lot of time together in the reward house. That was also the episode in which Katniss and The Slave became romantically involved. In fact, Katniss' reward was woohoo with The Slave. Despite being rejected by The Slave, and later on rejecting The Slave herself, the love birds eventually did it. That's when their relationship changed to "romantic interests".

When Katniss died, The Slave was shown to have the moodlet "Broken Heart" and was seen crying in front of the house. Interestingly enough, Katniss' first kiss was with The Slave, as well as the first woohoo, so The Slave was, undoubtedly, her first love as well.

Slideshow Edit

  • Katniss in the actual "The Hunger Games" film.
  • A picture of Katniss after the attempt to take another plate of food.
  • The Slave and Katniss making out in the hot tub.
  • Katniss and Amanda making out on the bed.
  • Katniss with the sprinkler
  • Katniss on the Mechanical Bull
  • Katniss on the couch
  • Katniss winning the fight with Amanda
  • Katniss turned yellow after eating jelly beans
  • Katniss getting ready for the pie eating contest
  • Katniss showing off her muscles to the audience
  • Katniss in an apple bobbing contest
  • Katniss' ghost being reaped

Trivia Edit

  • Katniss was the first contestant to actually come from The Hunger Games franchise.
  • Katniss was the second most wanted to win in the finale, but lost to Amanda Bynes. 
  • Katniss woohooed with both Amanda Bynes and The Slave for her punishment and reward, meaning that she is bisexual.
  • Kelly has commented that she is "quite the strategist", at one point even stealing pizza from everyone before they could eat it.
  • Katniss would frequently check out her muscles, which seemed as some kind of cocky behaviour to Kelly.
  • Katniss is the first female contestant to die.
  • Katniss was the first to drown in the second swimming challenge, however her ghost was the last one reaped.
  • Katniss appeared in every episode of the first season.