Hello one and all! It is I JohnJcshua, one of the administrators and former editor on this wikia. First of all, I would like to say hello to all new editors, and thank returning contributers for letting the wiki grow. Second, if your wondering where have I've been all this time, I have been editing at the iHasCupquake, KPopp, AndrewArcade and Sims3CopperFox Wikis, where I have been majorly busy.

I was actually planning on returning to edit here but I was busy with all of the information that has to be added to the wiki. But don't worry, in the nearby furture I'll maybe return when the sixth or seventh season starts. But I hope you all are contributing properly in the wiki and I hope to see the new editors around her don't vandalize the entire wiki, or else that would just suck.

Have an fantastic time editing and contributing to the wiki! Bye!

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